Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Dehydrating today

Today I prepared Broccoli, an apple and a few kiwi fruit.  I know you shouldn't mix fruit and veggies in the dehydrator, but I don't want to leave shelves empty.  I wanted to do carrots but I don't have enough right now - so that will be next week if I can find some for a good price.

The apple I peeled sliced and soaked in a pretreatment, I then sprinkled with a sugar cinnamon mix to see how that will turn out.

The Kiwi fruit was just peeled sliced and pre-treated.

Two crowns of broccoli, soaked a few minutes in salted water to make sure no bugs.  Then chopped into the little florets, steam blanched for 4 minutes and spread on trays.

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