Monday, October 6, 2008

Shaped Pixie Slippers

You may not copy my instructions and use to make your own slippers - if you wish to share, please send a link to this page. You may make up as many slippers as you wish - but do not sell them, or the pattern, or claim it as your own.

Using Wool-ease and an H hook:

Chain 7

Row 1: 3 sc in second sc from hook, sc to end, work another 2sc in end sc. Continue around the corner sc in each sc to end, slip to join.

Row 2 - 8: continue around, increase on one side only by working 3sc into end sc.
(continue till piece can cap over your toes - my 8 rows covers mine!)

Row 9 - 26: sc around once in each sc.
(piece should now cover your foot - add more rows if its short for you or deduct if its too long)
While you have the piece on your foot, mark the 8 stitches on top of your foot

Row 27 - 37: sc back and forth (not working the top stitches you marked)
Do not chain one on turn, once you turn, sc in that same stitch at the very start of the row.
Mark the center 8 stitches on the piece just worked.

Row 38: sc across till the 8 you marked, you will sc decrease over these, then sc to end.
Mark the center 8 stitches on the piece just worked.

Row 39: sc across till the 8 you marked, you will sc decrease over these, then sc to end.

Row 40: sc

Without binding off, continue to sc around the opening of the slipper.
Work 2 rows around in sc (you will cross over the gap at the heel twice) Bind off
leaving a long enough tail to whip stitch the back heel closed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winter ponytail hat

My current project. (you may share by linking to this page, but do not post a copy of my pattern anywhere else. You may make this for yourself or friends, but do not make to sell, and do not sell the pattern)

A winter hat, with a hole for my ponytail, was how it started. I have have now added a back "flap" to cover my ears and am working on a scarf piece to wrap around my neck. A one piece head warmer!

I am using left-over LionBrand wool-ease in fisherman and wheat (I'll probably add a red color I have to finish it off)

I started with a small elastic pony holder - a child size (I should have used two to be safe)

I crocheted, 30 dc around the elastic, filling it up.

Row 2: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 2dc, then 2dc in next dc* repeat join with a slip stitch (40 stitches)

Row 3: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 3dc, 2dc in next dc* repeat, join with slip stitch (50)

Row 4: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 5dc's, 2dc in next dc* repeat to end, join with a slip stitch (58)

Row 5 - 16: start with a sc round and alternate between sc rounds and dc rounds.

Bind off.

(that is the hat part - you can stop now or continue)

Find the center point at back of the hat, re-connect yarn 20 stitches to the right.

Row 17: sc across to 20 stitches past the center point.

Row 18 - 23: sc around.

Row 24: 6dc, then sc to last 6 and do 6 dc

Row 25: (mark center if you wish) sc to 7 before center, slip stitch 14stitches, then sc to end.

Row 26: 10dc, then sc to last 10 and 10dc

Row 27: sc across

Row 28: repeat row 26

Row 29: chain 51 (this is the start of the scarf portion - you can bind off and stop before this if you wish.

Row 30: sc across and chain 51 for other half of scarf.

Row 31 - 37: sc

(you can continue to sc back and forth till the scarf piece is wide enough - I had to change yarn color and continued, so I bind off at this point at the end of the scarf half - so both sides of scarf are equal thickness)

Row 38: (mark center with stitch marker) at this point I'm going to increase slightly to flair/fan out at the back of the neck. Join yarn on right end of scarf. sc to center stitch and work 2sc in center sc - continue to end.

Row 39: sc across to the third stitch before the center mark, 2sc in this stitch and the third past the center mark... sc to end.

Row 40: sc across

Work until scarf is wide enough for you. sc around entire hat and you're done!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New to blogging, even the word "blogging" sounds kinda dumb to me. I'm not sure how much of my life I want to PUBLISH in the big world wide web. We'll see as we go along.

I'm a bit of a craft nut case, Crochet, knitting, beads, soap making, sewing, embroidery and anything else I can do to avoid doing housework.