Friday, September 30, 2011

And here comes winter!

Leaves are turning yellow, I'm watching the weather reports for frost warnings, missed one this morning so I'm not sure if my last two pumpkins in the garden will be ok or not.  (morning temp was 28 degrees)
I was also hoping to bring in my rosemary plant, if I can find a suitable pot for it, to see if I can keep it alive over winter.

I've been job hunting like crazy, tired of struggling with no money for anything, and with the holidays coming up, I want to make it a nice Christmas for my kids.  The new Kindle Fire is on the top of my Christmas list, as well as a few pairs of lined jeans, my old ones are now a few sizes too big!
Kindle Fire
(links are not posting properly today - see if the above one will work)

Living in a small town I almost always hear about a job when its already been taken, its very frustrating.  I've started to just send my resume out just in case.  Frustrating to see a job I'd enjoy, either disapear before I can apply, or I dont' have the experience for it (like the Natural Resource Tech. job)  I really CAN see myself testing well water, planting trees and things like that, wouldn't it be great to not be stuck in an office all day long?

I really don't want to get a job far from home, there seem to be plenty of those that are an hour or so away, but me driving those distances in winter probably won't happen any time soon.

Well, its FRIDAY - and I was blessed this morning to see two deer in the yard, a lovely Buck and his Doe.... very pretty and a lovely way to start my morning!