Monday, June 27, 2011

Hail and thunderstorm...

We had a nasty storm blow through last night just after 10pm.  Bringing hail the size of quarters.

I was so worried about windows and our veggie garden.  The windows were all fine, and most of my veggie plants made it through ok, some of them are protected on the North side by a huge pine tree.  So those, my corn, potatoes, onions, beans, and potatoes seemed to come through ok. 
My raised beds are covered with netting, and they're ok too - those are the Peas, broccoli and my rosemary plant (lettuce never sprouted)

My squash, watermelon and pumpkin took the biggest hit, the watermelon almost flat on the ground.  The pumpkin had its leaves torn up a little bit.

My corn, you can just see some of the onions as well on the right.

My row of potatoes

Damaged pumpkin leaves.

My poor watermelon.

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