Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winter ponytail hat

My current project. (you may share by linking to this page, but do not post a copy of my pattern anywhere else. You may make this for yourself or friends, but do not make to sell, and do not sell the pattern)

A winter hat, with a hole for my ponytail, was how it started. I have have now added a back "flap" to cover my ears and am working on a scarf piece to wrap around my neck. A one piece head warmer!

I am using left-over LionBrand wool-ease in fisherman and wheat (I'll probably add a red color I have to finish it off)

I started with a small elastic pony holder - a child size (I should have used two to be safe)

I crocheted, 30 dc around the elastic, filling it up.

Row 2: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 2dc, then 2dc in next dc* repeat join with a slip stitch (40 stitches)

Row 3: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 3dc, 2dc in next dc* repeat, join with slip stitch (50)

Row 4: Chain 3, *1dc in each next 5dc's, 2dc in next dc* repeat to end, join with a slip stitch (58)

Row 5 - 16: start with a sc round and alternate between sc rounds and dc rounds.

Bind off.

(that is the hat part - you can stop now or continue)

Find the center point at back of the hat, re-connect yarn 20 stitches to the right.

Row 17: sc across to 20 stitches past the center point.

Row 18 - 23: sc around.

Row 24: 6dc, then sc to last 6 and do 6 dc

Row 25: (mark center if you wish) sc to 7 before center, slip stitch 14stitches, then sc to end.

Row 26: 10dc, then sc to last 10 and 10dc

Row 27: sc across

Row 28: repeat row 26

Row 29: chain 51 (this is the start of the scarf portion - you can bind off and stop before this if you wish.

Row 30: sc across and chain 51 for other half of scarf.

Row 31 - 37: sc

(you can continue to sc back and forth till the scarf piece is wide enough - I had to change yarn color and continued, so I bind off at this point at the end of the scarf half - so both sides of scarf are equal thickness)

Row 38: (mark center with stitch marker) at this point I'm going to increase slightly to flair/fan out at the back of the neck. Join yarn on right end of scarf. sc to center stitch and work 2sc in center sc - continue to end.

Row 39: sc across to the third stitch before the center mark, 2sc in this stitch and the third past the center mark... sc to end.

Row 40: sc across

Work until scarf is wide enough for you. sc around entire hat and you're done!

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