Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm spinning.....

Well, back a few days - I received a big bag of raw wool on Friday, I've spent all weekend washing wool.  Its super dirty - I can't really spin it into yarn as I don't have carding brushes or a drum carder (Fancy Kitten on wish list!) however, I ordered a drop spindle from a shop on Etsy last week and it came in a kit, well two drop spindles and some lovely roving.  A top whorl and bottom whorl spindle - I found I prefer the bottom whorl, I can roll it off my leg and get a good spin going.....
I gave it a go... spun up some thick and thin yarn (HA HA) it looked really cool.

I then dyed it with kool-aid. Berry and Grape.

Just waiting for it to dry, then I'm going to knit a really funky looking hat!

Above: some of the really dirty wool I've been washing, this lot has been washed 4 or 5 times already.

Above: My spinning adventure begins.

Above: two loads on the spindle, dyed with Kool-aid.

Hat knitted up on size 10 needles (CO 50)

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